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Bmagazine premium magazine style blogger template

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 01 March 2009
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I have been telling all the bloggers that you should work on your blog design for better navigation because if you don't have a good design and navigation, visitors will just go away from your blog. This was the only reason i had designed a new blogger template for

I have designed this theme considering some points.
1. Better Navigation.
2. Better Accessibilty for posts.
3. Light color combination for professional look.

As soon as i published this theme on my blog, i got mails from readers saying that this is the theme we always wanted. So take it guys.. Now you can have this theme on your blog as well.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

100 Salient Features of this theme.

1. Magazine style premium blogger template
2. Highly customizable
3. All browsers Supported
4. Day and Date - blogger hack (Know More)
5. Updates section above header
6. Facebook style lightbox - Facebox (Know More)
7. Multi Level Drop down menu V 1.1 - Browser support: FF1+ IE6+ Opera8+ (Know More)
8. Subnavbar - one click show and hide
9. Three column middle box
10. Dedicated space at homepage (just above Content area , so you can add anything you like ).
11. Bookmark icons below Post title.
12. Embedded Comment Form.
13. Numbered comments.
14. Go to top and bottom buttons (Know More)
15. Links in sidebar widget tile.
16. 4 Column Footer. (Fixed height)
100. It is a very unique blogger template inspired by many websites .

[+/-] How to customize Bmagazine blogger template?
Just follow this tutorial to upload bmagazine template to your blog. After that, follow these steps.
  1. Go to layout > Edit HTML section.
  2. Check "Expand Widget Templates" box.
  3. Do not use any title for HTML/Javascript widget in header section.
  4. Change links in Multi level drop down menu.(Know more)
  5. Press ctrl+f to search.
  6. Change Save to delicious code.[+/-]
    Search for this section of code.
    <div class='save-delicious'>
    <a href=' Widgets' style='text-transform:none; border:none; text-decoration:underline' target='_blank'>
    Save to Delicious</a> (<b class='delsquare' id='woork-delicious'>0</b>)
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    function displayURL(data) {
    var urlinfo = data[0];
    if (!urlinfo.total_posts) return;
    document.getElementById("woork-delicious").innerHTML = urlinfo.total_posts;
    <script src=''/>

    Replace the link in red to your blog's address.
  7. Use Submenu section.[+/-]
    This section can be used for Announcements.
  8. Change email link for (Advertise here) in sidebar.[+/-]
    <span class='small-right'>
    <a href='' style='font-weight:bold;color:#000;'>(Advertise Here)</a></span>
    Sponsored links</div>
    Replace the email address in red to your email address.
Final Words

This theme is inspired from many websites. I will be launching better versions of this theme soon. I need you valuable feedbacks and suggetions. Did you like this theme?

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Tanuj Lakhina said...

Loved this template and would use it.Only need instructions as I have to read the whole code otherwise which would take a million await the instructions to install this template.Thanks :)

Sushi Freak said...

This theme is way cool. The navigation on this site is great. It's cool that people can get a nice new look that stands out and upgrade their nav at the same time. Great work.

jing santos said...

It's by far the most catchy theme I've encountered so far. I'm new to web design and this theme really caught my attention. Thanks for sharing such a nice theme and I hope I could learn a lot more from you on web design.
More Power!

CBSE said...

Thanks for the template dude...You really worked hard on this ;)

Frugal Art said...

that's great! i will keep checking your blog for the new template.
i did not know 'noob' was not your blog. sorry...i just connected the subdomain, and thought you owned it.
and yes,i agree with the individual perception bit. i guess i like dull colors...but that' just me. :)
like i said, if you are okay with it.... it is 100% your right!
keep up the hard work, which is truly great.

Cricket and India said...

It is a nice and unique template. It is one of the best template under the clean and neat category. Good work Nitesh!

Atif Sharif said...

very very nice template i think this template never find before amazing thanx man for this beautiful and clean template

Prudhivi said...

Hello .Nice template. Can I change The name of yours with my my name Like Sekhar's Blog.

Anonymous said...

hi nice template but one thing is wrong that this template doesn't see correctly in ie 7 what is wrong with this template

jrink said...

hallo, I introduce from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. excellent for your template design. I have been using the template because I like that design layout and this menu is very complete. I ask permission to use your template but I modified according to my taste. Good luck and I wait the next creation.

Usenext said...

Interesting, helps you get a visual of hand motion activity. Sounds handy.

Blog Culun said...

I love this template, but why I cannt download this template?help me...

yashie said...

one question, how do i change the font size of the title of a gadget(e.g the labels, followers blah2) just like yours, mines having quite big font for that

thanphong07 said...

Your Subscribe form is very beautifull ! Please show me how to make it ? Thanks !

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