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Entrecard market - sell and buy any and everything

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 24 February 2009
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Entrecard is growing at a skyrocketing speed after the launch of Forum and now Entrecard Market. Today, most of the bloggers use Entrecard to get good traffic. Entrecard has been a very good traffic source over the year but now it is giving me many loyal readers too. If you are new to blogging or do not have much idea about Entrecard then just watch the video below.

Entrecard Forum
Forum was launched in mid Jan and i was one of those earliest members on the forum. I loved it so much that I started 27 topics on the first day itself. But after that i could not visit the forum again as i was too busy with exams. I must say Entrecard rocks. All the bloggers should actively participate at Entrecard forums so that new blogger can learn from their experiences.

Entrecard Market
Entrecard market was launched on 10th february 2009 i.e. 14 days back. I earned 15000ECs, 27 advertisements on other blogs and 18 text links. So you can imagine how useful this market is. From the day one, I have been an active member at entrecard market. As of today, I am the top seller and my two listing are 2 most popular listings in the market.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Entrecard market has only one currency i.e. Entrecard credits. NO money transactions as of now(i hope they add it in future). You can sell your services or products for free or for as many entrecard credits you want. I have 21 listings as of now(some of them are free). Lets have a look at all these listings.

1. Post Stumbleupon: This listing is the most popular listing at entrecard market. I charge 5ECs to bookmark your blog post at I have sold almost 10units of this listing everyday. There are some people who charge you 10 or 20ECs also. At the initial stage i was thinking of making this service free or charge only 1EC but then in that case i would have got around 50 stumbles a day which could create problems for me. All the buyers are happy with my pricing and delivery.(Know More)

2. Ask me to visit your blog: This listing is 2nd most popular listing after Post stumbleupon at entrecard market. I love to visit new blogs everyday so i decided to keep this listing free for buyers. Buyers have to just drop their blog url. I will visit the blog or website, drop my EC card on EC widget. If i really like your blog, i may leave a comment(genuine), share your blog post on social networking sites or click on interesting advertisements or vote for you. So just give it a try. (Know More)

3. 125x125 ads at I am offering 125x125 banner ad slot in rotating ad widget at for only 500ECs per week(almost 71ECs per day). My blog is a PR2 blog, so i think its worth advertising here for only 500ECs.(know more)

4. 768x90 banner ad in Header : This listing is most expensive of all my listings because i am offering prime advertising spot at i.e. header section. Buyers can buy this listing only for 500ECs per day. I am accepting two banner sizes for this slot: 768x90 banner ad and 468x 60 banner ad. These ads will be placed in Rotating ad widget. (Know More)

5. Genuine comment: As i metioned above, i love visiting new blogs and comment there, so i have a listing for this as well. I believe in genuine and relative comments. So ask me to comment on your blog posts. If i find them interesting, i will surely leave a comment there. Buy this listing only for 50ECs. (Know More)

6. Lucky draw: This listing is only for fun sake. just contribute 12 ECs and you might win 1000ECs. I plan to increase the bidding price to 120 soon. so buy it now. (Know More)

7. Entrecard Banner: Though i am not a designer, i love to design 125x125 banner ad images. Want me to design your banner ad only for 500ECs? (Know More)

8. 50 Stumbles: After receiving overwhelming response for Post Stumbleupon listing, i decided to start a new listing i.e. 50 Stumbles. Buyers were buying my previous listing 20-30 times for different posts, so i decided to have this listing wherein you pay for 50 Stumbles and i will bookmark your 50 posts only for 572ECs(72 ECs go to entrecard as tax). Do you think its woth it? Many people think yes, it is. so buy it now. (Know More)

9. Blogger of the week: Want to appear on my blog under blogger of the week section, just above the content area, only for 572 ECs (72ECs go to Entrecard as tax). Buy this premium listing and get a featured link at (Know More)

10. Text Link: My blog is a PR2 blog and i expect to get PR4 in next Upgrade. So have a text link on my blog to boost your pagerank only for 572 ECs(72ECs go to Entrecard as tax). (Know More)

Check rest of the listing here at Entrecard market.

Final Words
Entrecard has given me many loyal readers and good traffic too. If you are not a member then you are loosing on many things. So go to and become an active member. Have you listed something at entrecard market? Share it here with us..


Karthik | Computer and Net said...

Entrecard market just rocks,and you can even buy physical goods with EC credits,and you have posted nice listings,and thanks to you for the initiative in both forums and in the market :)

Sushi Freak said...

The Entrecard market is awesome. You can buy loads of good advertising without ever shelling out cash. The best part is, you earn their currency just by visiting blogs. The people you visit don't even have to respond or visit you back.

Support another blogger, you win. They support you back, you win twice. Take that and get exposure for your site. Great system.

Nitesh Kothari said...

its really awesome.. i am getting many loyal readers from entrecard now...

2 Earn Money For Netter said...

I've been here bro. Btw... It's amaze that your listing is the most popular one. good track.

Tanuj Lakhina said...

I tried entrecard some months back and actually wasn't able to understand what it was supposed to do or what purpose it was solving.Today I received 3 mails from Entrecard about something which I still can't!

denologis said...

i don't know how to participate at the entrecard market exactly. :(

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