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MakeUseOf - Learn how to make use of resources

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 25 June 2008
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I have this habit of checking new websites everyday. A week before i wanted to make some banners, favicon and some other things for my new blog, so i was looking for a website which can tell me, what softwares or websites can be used for all those and then i came across this great website called MakeUseOF. "cool websites, softwares and internet tips" - This is the tag line of this website and i must say they are genius.

MakeUseOF about section says:

"It’s very different from most of the other tech blogs/websites. It’s unique and original in what it reviewes and how it does it. On makeuseof we don’t write about any new web applications that comes around but only about ones that are COOL, FREE and USEFUL. It may be a subjective judgement but that’s how it is. We also try to keep it simple and all accessible, so that even newbies who never used such sites like Digg and Delicious or ones who think AJAX is famous washing powder brand can easily find their way around."
MakeUseOf Authors
This is the MakeUseOf's great team. There are hundreds of posts written by these authors about everything (Internet, softwares, applications, tools, etc.). They tell you how to make use of these things. They tell you about things which are existing and used by many people rather than writing about new applications, softwares etc.

If i had to rate this site on scale of 10, i would have given it full 10. Great site... keep it up...


computer problems said...

makeuseof is one of the great sites I usually visit.They have a very good team and really doing great job.

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