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It is hard to earn 5000 entrecard points, sez who?

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 16 July 2008
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The day i read about Entrecard at my friend's blog, i spent about 30 minutes on website and it proved to be constructive and beneficial for my blogs. Entrecard is one of the best websites, which lets you advertise your blog or website among Entrecard users (blogs and websites) for Entrecard credits. Its not difficult to earn credits needed to advertise. I loved the concept of this website because it helps a blogger to drive more and more traffic over a period of time.

I have been using Entrecard for more than 2 months. At the initial stage, i did not get potential visitors. They were only visiting my blog to earn points; but now i have regular visitors to my blog. All thanks to Entrecard!!!

Today, while checking my mails, i read Entrecard's mail. It was about partnership between Entrecard and Sezwho and to my surprise, Entrecard has launched Huge Entrecard contest. Its nice to know that now we can earn 5000 Entrecard points, the details for which are as follows:

Various different actions will earn you points, and members with the most points will win big Credit prizes!

Points will be awarded as follows:

1.) Installing SezWho on your blog: 100 points

2.) Writing a Blog Post about the partnership: 100 points

3.) Use a “bonus title” for your post: 50 points (get a bonus title by emailing You cannot mention in the post that it is a bonus title.

4.) Tweeting on twitter about the partnership: 50 points

5.) Commenting on SOMEONE ELSE’s post about the partnership (Entrecard or otherwise), and mention your favorite thing about the Entrecard - SezWho partnership: 50 points

There are 350 possible points. So comment on this blog post, link to every “entry” for the contest you have, and tally your score. We’ll confirm the scores manually, and award the following prizes:

1st place for members who earn maximum number of 350 points: 5,000 credits

2nd place for members who earn 300 points: 2000 credits

3rd place for members who earn 250 points: 1000 credits

4th place for members who earn 200 points: 500 credits

About SezWho:

SezWho is a universal profile service for the social web that improves community engagement and enables content discovery to be added to blogs, forums, message boards and other social sites. SezWho works with most social media platforms without taking over the content on the site.

SezWho was launched in October 2007 and is currently tracking millions of conversations across thousands of sites.

Source: Sezwho

Graham has written about the partnership at Entrecard Blog. This partnership is a revolutionary step for bloggers and website owners. So make the best use of it and promote the contest to your readers, friends etc. Earn as much as you can. cheers!!!!



Gin E said...

Love the title...and I agree 5000 EC is hard to earn. I just started using Entrecard this week and just earned my first 100. The new partnership looks promising.

JLPRO said...

Great job and let's hope we can make it happen! I think it is a great partnership.

peanutbuttertoes said...

as usual buddy great post, i hope you win this contest and I get second, lol. I'm glad I know about this now.


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