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Entrecard amazes bloggers with lots of comments

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 17 July 2008
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Entrecard has amazed many blogger (even me!! ) with so many comments. Wolverine Hacks is a new blog and it din't have much readers till now. But, entrecard has proved the success of its Partnership with Sezwho and Huge Entrecard contest.

Entrecard has doubled the no. of visitors and commenters to my blog, which has helped me to increase the reader base for my blog. I have received many complimentary mails from the readers visiting my blog through entrecard. Sezwho application has helped me to get genuine comments for my blog posts.

So, i would recommend Entrecard and Sezwho application to all the bloggers, especially new bloggers to get your blog noticed and to receive genuine comments and feedbacks for your blog.


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Madmouse Blog said...

While I did receive a fair amount of traffic from Entrecard, my droprate went sky high. There were just too many people looking for a quick link and really weren't interested in my content. So, I ended up dropping Entrecard and I haven't regretted my decision.

Nitesh Kothari said...

well madmouse... you are right...entrecard helped many bloggers in terms of traffic but most of them are one time visitors...they just come and drop the card....

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