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AD free Dot Tk domains

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 17 July 2008
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Another great news!!! Day before yesterday, Entrecard announced its partnership with Sezwho and Huge Entrecard Contest. Today, i received a mail from DOT Tk, a leading website giving free domain addresses to the customers. Previously, Dot tk domain enabled websites or blogs used to have a fixed bar on top of the page, consisting ads and tikllinks. But, Dot Tk has now removed all the advertisements from dot tk domains.


Quoted from DOT TK Website:

Dot TK registered millions of domain names in the last seven years. But Dot TK wants to grow even bigger! That's why we removed all advertisements on all current and all future Free Dot TK domains!

Wait, there is more to it. Dot Tk has a referral program also, wherein you refer friends to dot tk and earn "virtual fish". You must be wondering what is virtual fish? Check this article to know more about Virtual Fish.

Go to and Register for Ad free DOT TK domains and refer your friends also... cheers!!!


Weight Loss Diet Forum said...

Free is a good thing. Godaddy does a nice job with their domain management and I don't mind paying a little per year.

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