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Rewards for wolverine hacks readers and visitors

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 08 September 2008
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Today while dropping Entrecard at a blog, i came across a contest. The admin was talking about rewarding his Entrecard Droppers. He says you should reward your readers regularly, so i have decide to reward all the readers, visitors and Entrecard droppers. As this is a new blog, i do not have more earnings. Thus, i can not give cash prizes. Entrecard credits are best reward for bloggers. This contest is for all my readers, commentators, Entrecard Droppers.

Rewards for Entrecard Droppers:

I feel this is the most important part of this contest, so started with it.
200 EC: Top EC dropper. (At least 25 drops a month)
150 EC: 2nd best EC dropper. (At least 20 drops a month)
100 EC: 3rd best EC dropper. (At least 15 drops a month)
50 EC: Rest of all dropper till 10th position. (At least 10 drops a month)

Rewards for Readers:

1 point - For each EC drop. Drop everyday to increase your points.
2 points - For every genuine comment on this post you get 2 points.
2 points - Comment on any other post on this blog. You will get point ranging from 1-5 depending on genuineness.
5 points - refer a friend to subscribe to Wolverine Hacks via email and make them comment on this post saying you referred them
10 points - add Wolverine Hacks link to your Blogroll.
20 points - Subscribe via Email. If you are already subscribed, you are automatically entered.
30 points - Blog about this contest on your blog with a link to this post.

How do i increase my chances:
1. Visit this blog regularly.
2. Drop your EC card everyday.
3. Refer this blog to as much friends as you can.
4. Write about this contest on all your blogs.

How do i increase my chances:
"Reward for readers" is a lifetime contest. Collect as much points as you can and get 5 EC per point.For instance: You drop EC card on all 30 days, you make 10 genuine comments, you refer 5 friends, you add us to your Blogroll, you subscribe via Email and you write a post about this contest, then you will earn 135 points(i.e. 135 X 5 = 675 EC). I will write a review of the blog, who earns highest points by the end of this month.

Final Words:
I am very excited about this contest. I want to know how did you like the idea? Do you want to suggest something then, contact me or comment here.


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