Nitesh is back to blogging.. Apologies for no updates since last 2 months..

Wolverine hacks will have a new look soon!!

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 09 September 2008
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I am bored of this blog's template. So, i planned to design a template myself. I plan to revamp this blog as soon as possible. I have already started designing a template and included some of the best features.

1. 3-column template. (red theme)
2. Ajax Tab menu above blog Posts containing recent posts, archive and comments.
3. left sidebar for 125 x 125 banner ads where i will show rotating ads, Performacing Ads and Entrecard Widget.
4. 3 column footer.
5. 2 Navigation menu: one on top and the other one below header.
6. 1 fixed menu.
7. Ajax Tags widget.(when you click on a label, top 5 posts of that label loads on top of blog posts)

This is what i have planned to do, but i am little confused about it. What do you think readers? Leave a comment here and lemme know what do you want?

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what about blog said...

Neat. Don't know much about design myself, but I look forward to seeing whatever you decide on.

Eliot said...

sounds ok to me. but avoid to put too much stuff on the side... otherwise it might look kind of glutted...

[nich] said...

I want to add a suggestion, about the sezwho plugins .. it floats just between the label and the first line, hope you notice it.

FYI, I'm using Firefox 3

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