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Contest winners: Rewards for wolverine hacks readers and visitors

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 01 October 2008
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Some days back i announced Rewards for wolverine hacks readers and visitors. I promised to reward Top Entrecard dropper for the month of September. I did not get comments on the post(it is necessary to comment on that post to be a part of this contest) but as this is the first contest at Wolverine Hacks, i will reward all the eligible droppers.

Rewards for Entrecard Droppers:
200 EC: Top EC dropper. (At least 25 drops a month)
150 EC: 2nd best EC dropper. (At least 20 drops a month)
100 EC: 3rd best EC dropper. (At least 15 drops a month)
50 EC: Rest of all dropper till 10th position. (At least 10 drops a month)

..and these are the Top Dropper for the month of September:

...and these are the winners:

1st Prize: 200 EC:
What About Blog: A blog focusing on news that affects the blogosphere.

2nd Prize: 150 EC:
ATNIZ: Personal blog about blogging.

3rd Prize: 100 EC:
Business, Computers, Economy, Educations, Entertainment, Exercise, Health, Jokes, Money, Seo, Sports, Supplements, Technology, Traffic, Travel, Etc

50 EC:
1) Theme lib dot com
2) All About Womenz
3) MyBodybuildingLog
4) Motherita
5) Tips and Experiences

All the winners are requested to claim their ECs by contacting me or leaving a comment here. All other droppers and commentors can also cliam ECs for per drop and comment. Check Rewards for wolverine hacks readers and visitors for more details.

I hope to get more commentors, droppers and readers. So, keep coming back and commenting on this blog. Thank you.



Jerla Oh lalala said...

wow thanks a lot i appreciate it... I love stopping by at your blog and reading of course :)

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