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Wolverine Hacks has got page rank 1

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 28 September 2008
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First of all, i am sorry for not updating this blog since a long time as i was really very busy with studies. I had promised that wolverine hacks will have a new look soon but couldn't make it possible and lost some loyal readers also. I will upload a new template temporarily, and promise to design new one soon.

Display Pagerank

One good news! Google has updated page rank for all listed websites and blogs. I was really happy to know that Wolverine Hacks has got Page rank 1, but not very happy because it could have got better ranking. Many people get confused about this blog because of its name. I strongly feel that this blog should be renamed. Sometimes readers feel that this blog about hacking or some illegal content. Some of the websites rejected this blog because they also felt the same thing. I need your help to rename this blog.

Comment about our new page rank or suggest a nice name for this blog. The best comment or name would be rewarded.



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