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How to fix bx-error codes

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 13 February 2009
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I had promised in my last blog post that i will write a tutorial about fixing the bx-error codes, here comes the turoial. Almost for a month i was searching for a trick to fix bx error codes at wolverine hacks, but all in vain. Rias suggested me a trick and it worked out. My blog got rid of bx error code and it is back and alive. After all this when i was trying to figure out, why did this happen? Many blogs say it happens because of some widgets, so i decideed to check all of them. To my surprise, the problem was caused because of Feedburner code which tracks the visitors at my blog. So if you are facing the same problem, then remove the feedburner tracking code and see if it works.

How to fix bx error codes

This tutorial will explain you the procedure.Follow these steps.

1. Take a backup of your template. (details)
2. Take a backup of your posts by exporting your blog. (details)
3. Change the domain address of current blog. (details)
4. Register a new blog with current domain address. (details)
5. Import old blog's posts to newly registered blog. (details)
6. Upload the old blog's template. (details).
7. Your old blog is back and alive with same pagerank.

Final Words
I have used this method for my blog - Wolverine Hacks and it worked. I din't even loose the old pagerank and posts. If you have some other trick to fix bx error codes, then please share it with us. Is your blog affected by bx-error code?


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