Nitesh is back to blogging.. Apologies for no updates since last 2 months..

Wolverine hacks is back and alive, got rid of bx error codes

Posted by Nitesh Kothari on 09 February 2009
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Good morning people..

Its been almost a month, Wolverine hacks was dead because of bx error codes. I am sure many of you know what are these bx error codes. I had reported these errors to the blogger help group but all in vain. No help from their side. Searched many blogs and websites to get rid of these bx error codes. In the end, my friend Rias from Blogger accessories became the saviour and suggested me to do something and it worked. A big Thanks to him. Soon, I will write a tutorial about fixing the bx-error codes.

These bx error codes were the worst experiece as i have lost many readers and visitors to this blog. Did you also face this problem? If yes then, share it with us.



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